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That acreage of the store in the back makes me feel dumb.

But it really doesn't matter that much, since it takes several years to learn to shovel coal into the steamship boiler. It's funnier if you try to imagine the sequence of events that led to its approval in a shipping product.

Blogging platforms provide open communication from which community is an emergent property.

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so, what is all this then?

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Pick up Moby Dick and open it up to page one. It says, "Call me Ishmael." Call whom Ishmael? Call Melville Ishmael? No. Call Ishmael Ishmael. Melville has created a fictional character named Ishmael. As you read the book you learn about Ishmael, about his life, about his beliefs and desires, his acts and attitudes. You learn a lot more about Ishmael then Melville ever explicitly tells you. Some of it you can read in by implication. Some of it you can read in by extrapolation. But beyond the limits of such extrapolation fictional worlds are simply indeterminate.

The Self as a Center of Narrative Gravity

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